What makes a great burger?

It comes down to personal preference, but for those who know burgers well, there is little disagreement about the fundamentals that go into creating the perfect burger. Our opinion? Its not just about the fillings.

Our Secret Ingredient

Sourdough. It's in our DNA. It's what makes our Baker & Cook bread, our Plank Sourdough Pizzas and our Mo & Jo Burger buns so very special. Using a combination of wheat and whole wheat flours, slowly fermented with natural wild yeast, our buns have integrity, softness, a bouncy texture and only a hint of sweetness.

Did you know?



We are bringing the cool back into old-school with buns made out of real bread, and the burgers filled with wholesome good quality ingredients and home-made sauces.



Lettuce should always go under the patty so as to catch the meat juices and protect the bun from getting soggy. All of our burgers are served with crispy green lettuce, sliced tomato and a ring or two of Spanish onion for crunch and acidity.

All Beef Patties

Blending different grades of minced beef influences a burgers texture as does the ratio of lean meat to fat. Our 100% beef patties are custom made from Australian grain fed beef and combine two different cuts of beef. Weighing in at 180gms, with the perfect 80:20 ratio, they are juicy and tender with a perfectly grilled crust.

Gluten-free Goddess

Burger joints are not usually known for their inclusive dietary options but at Mo & Jo, we have something for everyone. Our Goddess burger is vegetarian. We offer a Gluten-free bun and an awesome pescatarian option featuring grilled premium Khulbarra Kimberley Barramundi. Just ask if you need guidance.

Aussie Barra

The Barra burger features premium Kuhlbarra Kimberely barramundi from the pristine waters of Northwestern Australia. It is grilled and served with house made lemon and caper mayonnaise and tomato relish. Clean and simple.

Feeling Hungry Yet?

Choose from a Goddess, a Babe, a Naughty CCC or maybe a simple Classic Kiwi...